We Have Just Gotten Moved in

We got the word from Emily’s boss a month ago and they did not want to delay. She is sort of a troubleshooter for the company, a beancounter with an attitude. Obviously it may not be a long term thing and so we have been looking at apartments in Wichita KS and we found something that is really unique. It was a surprise to me when we found the web page and they had a big lake, or at least it is a little over twenty acres in size. When we got there Tonya ran down the shore and we realized that there were some swans swimming by the shore. I was worried because I know that some birds can be pretty mean. I knew this farm boy who would tell me stories about the geese his family had. They like to make themselves as big as they can and go after people who get into their space.

I think that these swans are bigger than geese, but they did not seem to care too much about Tonya. I think they may have been expecting some handouts, but we did not have any food with us. There were people fishing and people out on sailboats and fishing boats. It is a beautiful place and the swimming pool was open that day. We had to get moved in, but Tonya wanted to go and swim. She has already learned how to swim and there is not too much that she likes to do much better. It is a beautiful thing to watch her when we got done and she tried to run out in front of us. I am going to have to buy some fishing gear or get my mom to send me the stuff that I left in her basement.