We Have Both Made New Friends Here

The only thing I wanted when I left my wife was our dog. Even though we both got him together, I always considered him mine. I thought she would give me trouble over that, but she actually wanted me to take him. I guess she did not want the responsibility, but I was very thankful for that. When I began to look at different apartments for rent in College Park Georgia, I knew I had to find one that would allow me to bring my best friend with me. He was the only one who stood by me without fail through our separation and subsequent divorce, and I was going to do the same for him.

That took a lot of apartment complexes out of the equation, but that was okay with me. It still left plenty for me to look at. When I started looking at all of the features of Pad ON Harvard, I knew that it was the one I wanted. It is elegant living at its finest, and the best part is that I could have my dog with me. There are parks nearby where I am able to walk him a few times a day, so he was happy with this choice too.

For me, what I like best is that it is in a gated area, and that access is limited. The world is getting to be a bad place, and I just really liked this feature of the apartment complex. I knew that it would not necessarily keep evil out 100 percent, but it sure helped to keep the majority of it out anyway. There is also a certain class of people who live here, and I have found quite a few new friends in the short time since I have been living here. My buddy has too!