This is the Best Apartment for the Two of Us

I am not a picky person by nature, but there were a few things that were important to me when my sister and I started looking for an apartment for rent in Las Vegas. We knew that we both wanted to live a lot closer to town, and our parents gave us their full support. We were living with them on the outskirts even though we both worked closer to the city center. It was taking us a good hour to get home when traffic was at its worst, and it was just wearing thin on both of us.

We found a really nice apartment that is close to where we both work, and it is easily affordable for us too since we are splitting the costs down the middle. Like I said, there were a few things that I wanted the apartment to have, and it was easier to find than I thought it would be. First off, I wanted our bedrooms to not be right next to one another. That might sound petty, but we both need our space. I also wanted us to each have our own bathroom. I also knew that we both needed large closets because we both have a lot of clothes, shoes and accessories.

When we found the two bedroom apartment at Lyric, we both knew that it was the one for us. First off, the bedrooms cannot be further apart as there is one on each end of the apartment. We also have walk in closets, and we each have our own bathroom attached to our rooms. The living room and kitchen are both nice, and we even have a laundry room. One of my favorite and unexpected things is our huge front porch. We truly found the best apartment that the two of us could find together!