The Best Apartment Complex for Me

I adopted my cat from the animal shelter nearly three years ago. I thought she and I would be on our own, but a puppy wiggled his way into our lives not even a year later. When I had to start looking at Kingsport TN apartments for rent about a month ago, I only looked at the ones that would allow me to bring my family with me. Some people mean a spouse and children when they say family. For me though, it meant that I had to be allowed to bring my cat and dog with me.

The two of them are best friends, and I love both more than I could ever say. Leaving them behind just was not an option. There were several apartment complexes that would allow me to bring in my pets, but I really liked Country Shores for a number of reasons. The first is because of the location. It is located in a quieter section of town, and it really is the best of both worlds for someone like me. I love being able to step outside and see the mountains, but where I can also be in town in just a few minutes.

Another reason is because of how nice the apartments are. I was able to get a one bedroom unit that has everything I could possibly want or need. It has a large closet and plenty of storage space, plus it even has a washer and dryer. I have not had my own washer and dryer in too many years, and I was so happy that I would not have to use the laundromat anymore. I also like that I am not charged a monthly fee for having my two pets with me. All in all, this is the best apartment complex for me and my furry little family.