Tattoo Removal at an Aesthetic Clinic

I was a bit wild and rebellious in my younger years. Some of the choices I made were not in my best interest in the long run. One thing I did to retaliate against my parents was getting some tattoos. I thought they were cool at the time and never thought I would later regret that decision. But that is exactly what I did. I sincerely regret ever getting tattoos. Now that I am moving up in the corporate world I feel that others judge me because of them. I’m seeking the help of an aesthetic doctor to see if they can be safely removed.

I have done a little research on this and found an aesthetic clinic not too far from where I live. I read on their website that laser removal of tattoos depends on the type of ink used and also the color of it. It went on to say that it would take more than one session of treatment and that I should expect to have downtime after each procedure. I filled out the contact form and am awaiting a phone call or email from this clinic to set up an initial appointment and see if I’m even a viable candidate for tattoo removal.

I know my mother will be extremely happy to learn that I’m even thinking about having my tattoos removed as she was very upset when I first got them. In hindsight, I should have listened to her pleadings not to get them done. She kept telling me that I would later regret my decision to get numerous tattoos. Of course being young, naive and rebellious I never thought this to be true. I guess this was one of those lessons I kind of had to learn for myself. And that I did.