Settled in with My Dog

I think of my dog as my child. I care of it like any parent would. I got the dog when a friend of mine gave it away. Her dog had puppies and she couldn’t take care of all of them, so she gave me one and I’ve cared for it ever since. I was almost faced with the tough choice of having to give it away for a place to live, but I went to and found an apartment complex that would allow me to have a pet as long as it was under a certain weight.

I thought that my dog would have trouble adjusting to our new home at the apartment complex, but this wasn’t the case. Sometimes pets will make a lot of noise in an unfamiliar environment, and in extreme cases, they may try to escape and run back to their previous home. My dog was calm the entire time, and as soon as I unpacked his bed, he walked around it and laid down as if nothing happened. Him being an older dog might have something to do with it. I imagine a puppy would be more likely to make sounds in a new place, either because it’s exploring or looking for familiar territory.

Another friend of mine who has a dog tried to get me to adopt a puppy. Surprisingly, her dog had puppies and she’s trying to give them away. One pet is enough for me, and I really don’t think I would be able to handle the energy of puppy all over again. I’m just fine with having my old dog because he’s more relaxed like I am. He just wants to lay around and rest and eat some food once in a while and sit on my lap while I read.