Cleaning Up Can Be Profitable

I wanted to find all of the scrap dealers in the area so I could find out how much is scrap metal worth? I knew that each one would have a different price for the different metals, and I wanted to find out what it was for each one since I do have a lot of different ones in the barn. I knew that I was not going to get rich from scrapping all of it, but I also knew that I could make a nice chunk of change for what I did have.

The trick was finding out which scrap dealer had the best prices. I had enough to make it worth my while to go to a scrap yard that is a little further away if their prices are better than ones that are closer to me. Continue reading Cleaning Up Can Be Profitable

I Am No Longer Living Pay to Pay

Do you know who will marry Elsy Chayeb? I don’t know either, but I did find something interesting when I was looking for that answer. Do you know how one website link takes you to another website, and eventually you are at a website that you had no intentions of visiting. That is what happened to me, but I am actually really glad that it happened, because I was able to actually get something with my website taken care of. I found myself on the website of an online marketer, and I ended up reading some of his blog posts.

I was impressed with what I read, and I knew that I needed to take some initiative to make my work life much better. I am self employed, and I have a website that I knew needed some help. I was doing okay with my sales, but it was not enough to make it so I was not living pay to pay. Continue reading I Am No Longer Living Pay to Pay

Keeping My Options Open with an Unlocked Phone

Technology has changed so much in the last 20 years. I remember how landline phones used to work. You would take the end of the cord and plug it into the wall plate, and then you were connected. Of course you had to pay for phone service, but in terms of hooking up a phone, not much more was needed. Now people have to be concerned about a lot of things when it comes to activating a phone. If you’re going to buy an iPhone, it’s really important that you buy a factory unlock iPhone, or at least know how to unlock it. This gives you so many more options than buying a locked phone.

Changing carriers isn’t quite as simple as it was back in the day; however, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to unlock an iPhone for use on a different carrier. Continue reading Keeping My Options Open with an Unlocked Phone

A Software Program That Saves the Day

I knew that I needed to get some help with certain aspects of my business because it was just too overwhelming for me to handle on my own anymore. I am good at what I do, but I also know the things that I am not good at. Managing the results of an email marketing campaign was one of them. I thought I needed to have someone help me with that, but I changed my mind on that when I started looking at some email marketing software reviews. I originally started looking for people who could help me, but my search ended up taking me in this direction, and I am very glad that it did. Continue reading A Software Program That Saves the Day

Playing for Money is More Fun

I started playing free casino games online because of a rewards group I belonged to. One of the requirements was that I play games on their site, which is how I found out that I really do enjoy playing casino games in general. I decided after playing the free games for a couple of years that I was ready to actually play for money, so I decided to look for the best online casino signup bonus sites. I knew enough about online casinos at that point to know that the top ones are going to reward players in various ways to keep them on their site.

I didn’t know which ones offered the best bonuses, and I did not want to have to go looking at each one to figure it out on my own. Continue reading Playing for Money is More Fun

My Wife Had Extreme Anxiety

My wife was in a car accident a few months ago, and she is extremely fortunate to not have lost her life. Two other people in another car did though. Even though it was their fault, my wife has been having such a hard time dealing with the fact that two people lost their lives because they ran a red light and hit her car. She will not get behind the wheel now, and she has all the symptoms of post traumatic stress syndrome. I knew I needed to get her in to see a family counselor in Frisco before she was too afraid to leave the house at all. Continue reading My Wife Had Extreme Anxiety

My Website Needed SEO Help

I wanted to have a new website for my business. I had one created not long ago, but I was just not pleased with it. While it did look decent, it was not getting me the traffic that I needed. When I started researching different companies online, I discovered that I did not need a new webmaster after all. What I needed to do was to hire a Charlotte SEO company to help me put my website on the map. I didn’t even understand a thing about SEO until I read the website of one of the companies that I looked at to provide this service to me.

Search engine optimization is extremely important for a website that wants traffic. When a person wants to find a website, they usually go to a search engine and type in some keywords for what they are looking for. Continue reading My Website Needed SEO Help

A Bird on the Mind

Late at night, I saw a commercial for a canary songs CD. I thought it was the silliest thing ever, because I didn’t think anyone in their right mind would want to have a CD of nothing but birds singing. The CD was to be used as a teaching tool for canaries that couldn’t sing, which made sense, but still it was a silly idea to me. I went to sleep after the commercial and had a dream about a bird singing to me.

I started to think that it would be a good idea to have a bird of my own after seeing the commercial. I think the commercial had a successful plan of brainwashing me into getting a bird and then getting a CD so I could teach the bird to sing. It would be one heck of a long haul con to pull on someone, but that was just my conspiracy theory kicking in inside my head. Continue reading A Bird on the Mind

It is Not Hard to Do Payroll and Keep Track of Withholding

Hiring an employee is not all that difficult. You just need to have an employer identification number (EIN) that you can easily apply for, and keep track of taxes and send them in. There are printed tax tables and booklets you can use. There is software too. You just set an hourly wage and then keep track of the hours. You do payroll deductions for things such as the federal and state tax. It is good if you do the local too, so your employee won’t get hit with a bill. Use a pay stub template that your print for every paycheck. This lets the employee keep track of cumulative withholding.

You have your federal tax, your Social Security tax, your state tax and your local tax where the employee lives. That is pretty much it for most employees. Continue reading It is Not Hard to Do Payroll and Keep Track of Withholding

Great Place to Purchase Software

The asce load combinations software that I found on your website was very helpful to my presentation. I work for a major airline and one of our first goals for this year was to transfer a lot of our information to a different style and type of software. We’ve been having a lot of limitations on our current software programs and this is not good because our customers and vendors and workers really deserve better.

I know most people only think about the customer aspect when it comes to flying. You have the software that the customer uses when they go to the website and purchase their plane tickets. Continue reading Great Place to Purchase Software

We Added a New Furry Family Member to Our Life

I never thought I was a cat person until I had the chance to foster one of my own. I always saw myself as a dog person, but when a friend asked me to help the rescue she volunteers out by fostering one, I found myself falling in love and adopting one. I’ve since made changes to my home to make things more accessible for the little guy I’ve adopted, including getting carpet and carpet padding installed to break his falls. He’s a special needs kitty and needs a lot of soft areas all around him.

My little guy was born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia, which means that his brain is affected and he has trouble with motor skills. These are animals that can be very happy in life with the right owner. Continue reading We Added a New Furry Family Member to Our Life

Taraba Government Information for Project

I am currently doing a school project on a bit of an esoteric subject and I need to learn more about the government of a certain area of Nigeria, for the project. Right now, I am trying to find out more information about the Taraba state governor and how the state government functions within the larger government of the country of Nigeria. It is an odd assignment, in my opinion, because I do not even know much about the government of Nigeria as a whole, or even, much about the country itself and its history.

But I am going to do a bit of research on Nigeria more broadly to provide context to the most narrow topic of my research project, and to provide background information while introducing the actual subject of the project in the paper I am writing for it. Continue reading Taraba Government Information for Project

My New and Improved Website Rocks

I had the same website for many years. I was not getting many new customers there, but it was something that my existing customers appreciated. When one of them asked me why I don’t update it to be current with the times, I had to admit that my skills in that area are quite limited. He told me that there is a company that does web design in Detroit MI for extremely affordable prices, and he gave me their website information to look at. He also told me to look at his wife’s website, as that company had created it for her just a few months prior to our conversation.

Before going to their website, I did take a look at his wife’s website. Continue reading My New and Improved Website Rocks

What County Weights and Measures Agents Do

I work for the county as a weights and measures agent. If you have ever seen those stickers on a gas pump that tells you that it has been certified to be accurate, it is people like me who certifies them. We make sure that a gallon is a gallon, and we make sure your pound of bologna is actually a pound. We use measuring devices such as testing containers and precision stainless steel test weights. It may not be a big deal to you if you are shorted a fraction of an ounce when you buy lunch meat, but I imagine you would be really upset if the scale at the place you sell old gold jewelry weighed your stuff light by a few grams. That could cost you hundreds of dollars.

Imagine a gas pump that shorted you for each gallon you bought. Maybe it was just a tiny amount. You might not even care. Continue reading What County Weights and Measures Agents Do

Padded to Prevent Possible Pain

One of the best inventions for people who like to use hunting rifles has to be recoil pads. The pads slide onto the stock of the rifle and make it possible to fire without feeling the full impact of the recoil against your body. It really adds to the comfort of the gun and cuts down on potential injuries that could arise. In all the years that I’ve been hunting, I’ve felt so much discomfort while having the stock pressed against my body. I crawl on the ground and aim in such an uncomfortable position on sometimes uneven terrain. The recoil doesn’t help at all and makes the entire situation worse.

I would just accept the pain as it came, but now I don’t have to put up with it. I can just put the pad on whenever I step out into the woods and fire away without pain. The cover comes off easily, so I can wash it if I need to, and I can still clean the stock of my rifle. Continue reading Padded to Prevent Possible Pain

Find out About Wealthy Affiliate

Many people may wonder what is Wealthy Affiliate? Wealthy Affliate is an online business site. They pride themselves on being an online community used to make a person’s business grow. They offer many things to help a person become successful. The company was created in 2015.

They offer training and support to anyone no matter how much skill the person has. They can help wheter a person is in college or retired and trying to make some extra money. The company is not a get rich quick scheme. A long list of recruits are not needed in order to benefit from the company. It is a platform used to help anybody become a successful business owner. They will walk you through how to get noticed in the online world.

Basic membership is free and gives access to much of the site. There are 3 classes that a person can view without paying for anything. This membership also gives the person two websites to build. There are training modules to get a perosn started on their own business. Continue reading Find out About Wealthy Affiliate

Hiring a Demolition Company in Sydney

With building and construction and demolition in Sydney going well, it is clear that this real estate boom is not slowing down much. More building will be happening in the near future, which requires a host of contractors and services to get sites ready for buildings and communities that are sure to come. Companies such as Demolition Sydney that offer demolition, excavation, and house remediation among other services like mold, lead paint, and asbestos removal are becoming more in demand than ever before. With companies and home buyers alike desiring new buildings and not just a rehab of the older structure, it is essential that the land is properly cleared before any new building can be constructed.

With the current boom in construction and rapidly rising costs of housing and renting, it’s not hard to see why building will continue. Whether putting up new office buildings or new high rise condos,the market seems to be demanding this type of progress. Continue reading Hiring a Demolition Company in Sydney

A Special Item for the Customers

To commemorate the launch of my game company, I decided to make a special item to give away to customers. I made a digital game, but I also had a limited number of physical copies of the game, along with a statue of the game’s mascot for a few lucky people. I contacted a company to do packaging design in Toronto for the product. They used an action shot from the game on the box of the packaging. In order to decide who gets the limited edition item, I had a drawing that anyone could enter using their email address.

I left the entry period for the drawing open for two weeks. After that period passes, I closed entry and then used a random number generator to select the winners. Continue reading A Special Item for the Customers

Best Deals for Direct TV in Georgia

I am moving out of my apartment, because my roommate is a deadbeat. Luckily, I am not even on the lease, and so he is going to have to face the consequences of not paying the rent if I move out. I am finding my own place right now, and I am pretty sure that it will be for the best. I am checking out right now to see what options I have for getting some television hooked at my new place. A friend of mine told me about this place he is renting out, and they had more rooms available there. It is really a good price and everything, so I decided to check it out.

I am excited about having a lace of mine, to be sure. It is going to be a new start. I put up with my bum of a roommate for too long, and I don’t know why I didn’t just walk out on him sooner. But I guess that the biggest problem is that I used to think he was a friend of mine, but that was not really the case. He was using me because it was easy to do, and he would have treated anyone else the same if he could have gotten something out of them.

I am glad to be done with him. I doubt I will ever talk to him, and after some of the things I said to him when moving out, I doubt he will ever try to contact me. But I guess we will just have to wait and see about that. He is a bit delusional. But yeah, back to the matter at hand. I want to get a new television package hooked up soon so I can watch my favorite shows and not miss any episodes.

Getting DirecTV is a Great Deal

When I first moved to Blue Ridge, I was not too concerned about getting television programming. I had too many other things that were a lot more important, so I focused on them. After I was able to find a job and got the kids enrolled in school, I knew it was time to start looking at our options for TV programming. I did a search for Blue Ridge Cable in Pennsylvania since they are the cable company that my neighbor told me she uses. I wanted to get information on this company before signing up with their services, and I am so glad that I did that.

While the information I found out about Blue Ridge Cable was really informative, I did see that I would be able to get a better deal if I went with DirecTV instead. Continue reading Getting DirecTV is a Great Deal