Settled in with My Dog

I think of my dog as my child. I care of it like any parent would. I got the dog when a friend of mine gave it away. Her dog had puppies and she couldn’t take care of all of them, so she gave me one and I’ve cared for it ever since. I was almost faced with the tough choice of having to give it away for a place to live, but I went to and found an apartment complex that would allow me to have a pet as long as it was under a certain weight.

I thought that my dog would have trouble adjusting to our new home at the apartment complex, but this wasn’t the case. Sometimes pets will make a lot of noise in an unfamiliar environment, and in extreme cases, they may try to escape and run back to their previous home. My dog was calm the entire time, and as soon as I unpacked his bed, he walked around it and laid down as if nothing happened. Him being an older dog might have something to do with it. Continue reading Settled in with My Dog

Our First Few Nights Were Like a Vacation at Our New Apartment

We needed a big apartment. We have three children and two dogs. It used to be impossible to find an apartment that accommodated what we need in a place to live. That is until we found the nice apartments at Stone Oak in San Antonio. They accept pets, and they have a two-story floor plan that has four bedrooms. With needing four bedrooms, we also needed more than one bathroom. We got three bathrooms in this place, and the rent is less than what it costs to rent a house this size. Other pluses include the big fitness center and curvy swimming pool. The fire pit with the outdoor furniture around it is great for evening gatherings. We have been enjoying every amenity since the very first day we moved in.

We did not even have any furniture moved yet and we were in the pool with the kids having a blast. We had brought some things over in my pickup truck to spend the night in our new apartment while the moving crew worked to pack up our stuff and haul it over to our new place. The first few nights were like a vacation. We slept on the floor in sleeping bags the first night. Then we used our camping air mattresses the following nights until our stuff arrived in the moving van. Meanwhile, the kids went to school and my wife and I went to work. Continue reading Our First Few Nights Were Like a Vacation at Our New Apartment

My Boyfriend and I Love Charleston!

My boyfriend and I had to look for apartments in North Charleston after I got pregnant and we needed to find a bigger place to stay. We had been living with his mother and his stepfather in a cramped trailer and obviously a new baby wasn’t going to make a positive impression in that environment. His stepfather wasn’t exactly happy that we were having a baby seeing as how we are so young so that made it imperative that we get out of the trailer and into our own place. We looked online for a one bedroom apartment.

Fortunately it didn’t take long to come up with a list of options. Continue reading My Boyfriend and I Love Charleston!

Helped Us Get Our Grow Operation Going

If you’ve got the money and the knowledge to grow marijuana, looking for a property for cannabis business in California is the way to go. The state recently legalized recreational marijuana and getting in at the beginning is a must for growers with the financial means to get up and running quickly. All the people who have been growing out here for decades are going legit. It’s amazing to see it. I know people who have been growing out in Humboldt County since the early 1970s who are know applying for licenses and getting set to make millions.

The potential is absolutely incredible. You’re going to see companies making nine figures growing weed and selling it legally. What’s happening here is what it must have felt like when Prohibition ended. Continue reading Helped Us Get Our Grow Operation Going

I Needed More Time to Do More Things Outside of Work

I’ve made resolutions every year for a long time, and I end up falling behind most of them or ignoring them completely. This year, I told myself that needed to change. I am disorganized at home and with my business, and the continued stress of both was really affecting my happiness. One of the resolutions that I made was to get office cleaning services in Toronto for my office. I had been trying to handle it on my own for far too long in order to save money, and it was eating up a lot of time that I needed to spend on other things. It was fascinating to see just how it freed up my time after I hired someone to help me keep the place clean.

My daughter started crying one evening when I pointed out that I would not have time to go one of her school events. These weren’t crocodile careers. They were tears of pain. She had been looking forward to me coming to see her get an award, but I was behind at work and on the verge of losing an important client. I knew that if I didn’t work that night on the contracts that my client wanted, I would lose their business by the next morning. I had to go ahead and do that because I can’t afford to take care of my daughter without money, but that is when I resolved to make real changes this year.

Each night after work, I had been trying to do a little cleaning around the office. On Monday nights, I would try to tackle the vacuuming and dusting in the front offices. On Tuesday nights, I would do the same in all the back offices. Each of those nights, I would also try to make sure that I emptied all of the wastebaskets. The rest of the week, I would try to tidy up all sections. It was just too much. A cleaning service gave me more time at night with my child.

I’m Blessed to Be Alive After This Car Wreck

I have never been the vain type, which was a very good thing since my face looks pretty bad right now. I was involved in a multi vehicle car accident several months ago, and I was one of the unlucky ones who suffered massive injuries. I had internal bleeding, broken bones, and a concussion. I also had a very disfigured face, but I actually considered myself very lucky to even be alive. When the insurance company tried to pin part of the blame on me, I hired a car accident attorney in Sacramento.

I didn’t even consider anything else, because I knew that I was 100 percent a victim. The sad thing is, I think everyone else knew it too. They were just putting profit above people, since I was not the only one affected by it. I was not going to concern myself with it, because I had enough on my plate to deal with. I had already had two surgeries, and the plastic surgeon I saw the other day told me that I would have quite a few more. Continue reading I’m Blessed to Be Alive After This Car Wreck

I Couldn’t Afford to Lose My Job Because of Pain

I visited a Campbell chiropractor in the past to help me put a stop to the back pain that plagued me until I started going to see him regularly. It never occurred to me that he could also put a stop to headaches as well. I suffered through those for quite some time, and they were really affecting my work. I worked hard to get to where I am with my company, and it really angered me that my job was on the line because of headaches of all things. What is the use of going to college to get a degree and working hard if pain is going to come along and undo all that you have done?

My mom made sure to spend extra time repeating over and over how important it was for me to go to college. She was not married and brought me up by herself. She struggled to make sure that I had what I needed in life because she was struggling financially herself. She didn’t want that for me. She wanted me to have an easier life, so she stressed school importance often. Continue reading I Couldn’t Afford to Lose My Job Because of Pain

Getting Myself Back to Work

I work in a boarding kennel. The job is very fast paced. It can also be strenous. This is why I needed the best San Jose Chiropractor.

I was at work one day and everyone else had left. We had a large Mastiff boarding with us. She was a very playful pup. I guess she was a little too playful and forgot her size. She jumped on me to get loves and knocked me backwards. I felt a jolt of pain as soon as I hit the ground but shrugged it off.

The next day, I could hardly move because the pain was so bad. I ended up calling out of work and rushing to the emergency room. Continue reading Getting Myself Back to Work

Did You Know Your Central Air System Has a Power Switch Outside?

It can get pretty warm here in Sacramento, so I was really glad that the house I had bought a few years ago has central air conditioning. My husband and I are both the kind of people who want the air on when others are still a few weeks out from using theirs. That is why I knew we needed Sacramento HVAC services when the air simply would not turn on the first time we went to use it at the end of spring last year. While the weather was not so hot that we were going to suffer, I knew it would be soon enough.

My husband is pretty handy and could have looked at it, but he was putting in nearly 60 hours six days a week at his work as well as more hours volunteering on his day off. Continue reading Did You Know Your Central Air System Has a Power Switch Outside?

It Never Hurts to Bring a Friend

I had a shocking experience during a cave exploring trip. I was heading down a cave with a friend and slopped and landed on some small rocks. I was in so much pain after the fall that I couldn’t continue exploring the cave and my friend had to help me back out. It’s a good thing that my friend was with me, because if I was alone, I would have surely died there. I received treatment from a chiropractor in Mesa AZ that same day.

After the incident, I couldn’t help but think about what I would have done if my friend wasn’t there. I had a cell phone with me, but there was no reception in the cave, so it wouldn’t have mattered if I made a phone call or not. Continue reading It Never Hurts to Bring a Friend

A Moving Company That Stands by Their Word

I have grown weary anytime I have to hire a company that I have no experience with. This is because I have been burned a few times by the fine print or just irresponsible workers, so I take my time finding out everything I can about a company before I will even consider hiring them. When I had to find some Vaughan movers, that is exactly what I did. I did discover that researching every single detail definitely pays off. I had looked at several different moving companies, and I was able to see cracks in their image for all but one company.

Am Ontario Moving and Storage truly does deliver what they promise. I was able to determine this even before I used their services myself. Their website looked really good, and they were offering all of the services that I needed. Continue reading A Moving Company That Stands by Their Word

Finding out the Truth from a Psychic

Some people have a hard time believing in the powers of a psychic, and I don’t blame them. The thought that someone could be able to tap into forces that are beyond human comprehension does raise some eyebrows. I used to doubt what psychics could do, until I found a Psychic Source review, and it changed my way of thinking. I was more open minded about trying a psychic, and decided to contact one for my own purposes. I was having some problems that I needed sorted out, and if no one else could help me with them, then perhaps the psychic would know the answers.

Since I had never talked to a psychic before, I wasn’t sure what to expect from my reading, but I was a little scared that I would find something that I didn’t like. The psychic told me to calm down and that everything would be fine. I calmed down a little and let the psychic do her work. She started by mentioning some things and people that were important to me, which was wild because I hadn’t even told her about them yet. Continue reading Finding out the Truth from a Psychic

Cleaning Up Can Be Profitable

I wanted to find all of the scrap dealers in the area so I could find out how much is scrap metal worth? I knew that each one would have a different price for the different metals, and I wanted to find out what it was for each one since I do have a lot of different ones in the barn. I knew that I was not going to get rich from scrapping all of it, but I also knew that I could make a nice chunk of change for what I did have.

The trick was finding out which scrap dealer had the best prices. I had enough to make it worth my while to go to a scrap yard that is a little further away if their prices are better than ones that are closer to me. Continue reading Cleaning Up Can Be Profitable

I Am No Longer Living Pay to Pay

Do you know who will marry Elsy Chayeb? I don’t know either, but I did find something interesting when I was looking for that answer. Do you know how one website link takes you to another website, and eventually you are at a website that you had no intentions of visiting. That is what happened to me, but I am actually really glad that it happened, because I was able to actually get something with my website taken care of. I found myself on the website of an online marketer, and I ended up reading some of his blog posts.

I was impressed with what I read, and I knew that I needed to take some initiative to make my work life much better. I am self employed, and I have a website that I knew needed some help. I was doing okay with my sales, but it was not enough to make it so I was not living pay to pay. Continue reading I Am No Longer Living Pay to Pay

Keeping My Options Open with an Unlocked Phone

Technology has changed so much in the last 20 years. I remember how landline phones used to work. You would take the end of the cord and plug it into the wall plate, and then you were connected. Of course you had to pay for phone service, but in terms of hooking up a phone, not much more was needed. Now people have to be concerned about a lot of things when it comes to activating a phone. If you’re going to buy an iPhone, it’s really important that you buy a factory unlock iPhone, or at least know how to unlock it. This gives you so many more options than buying a locked phone.

Changing carriers isn’t quite as simple as it was back in the day; however, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to unlock an iPhone for use on a different carrier. Continue reading Keeping My Options Open with an Unlocked Phone

A Software Program That Saves the Day

I knew that I needed to get some help with certain aspects of my business because it was just too overwhelming for me to handle on my own anymore. I am good at what I do, but I also know the things that I am not good at. Managing the results of an email marketing campaign was one of them. I thought I needed to have someone help me with that, but I changed my mind on that when I started looking at some email marketing software reviews. I originally started looking for people who could help me, but my search ended up taking me in this direction, and I am very glad that it did. Continue reading A Software Program That Saves the Day

Playing for Money is More Fun

I started playing free casino games online because of a rewards group I belonged to. One of the requirements was that I play games on their site, which is how I found out that I really do enjoy playing casino games in general. I decided after playing the free games for a couple of years that I was ready to actually play for money, so I decided to look for the best online casino signup bonus sites. I knew enough about online casinos at that point to know that the top ones are going to reward players in various ways to keep them on their site.

I didn’t know which ones offered the best bonuses, and I did not want to have to go looking at each one to figure it out on my own. Continue reading Playing for Money is More Fun

My Wife Had Extreme Anxiety

My wife was in a car accident a few months ago, and she is extremely fortunate to not have lost her life. Two other people in another car did though. Even though it was their fault, my wife has been having such a hard time dealing with the fact that two people lost their lives because they ran a red light and hit her car. She will not get behind the wheel now, and she has all the symptoms of post traumatic stress syndrome. I knew I needed to get her in to see a family counselor in Frisco before she was too afraid to leave the house at all. Continue reading My Wife Had Extreme Anxiety

My Website Needed SEO Help

I wanted to have a new website for my business. I had one created not long ago, but I was just not pleased with it. While it did look decent, it was not getting me the traffic that I needed. When I started researching different companies online, I discovered that I did not need a new webmaster after all. What I needed to do was to hire a Charlotte SEO company to help me put my website on the map. I didn’t even understand a thing about SEO until I read the website of one of the companies that I looked at to provide this service to me.

Search engine optimization is extremely important for a website that wants traffic. When a person wants to find a website, they usually go to a search engine and type in some keywords for what they are looking for. Continue reading My Website Needed SEO Help

A Bird on the Mind

Late at night, I saw a commercial for a canary songs CD. I thought it was the silliest thing ever, because I didn’t think anyone in their right mind would want to have a CD of nothing but birds singing. The CD was to be used as a teaching tool for canaries that couldn’t sing, which made sense, but still it was a silly idea to me. I went to sleep after the commercial and had a dream about a bird singing to me.

I started to think that it would be a good idea to have a bird of my own after seeing the commercial. I think the commercial had a successful plan of brainwashing me into getting a bird and then getting a CD so I could teach the bird to sing. It would be one heck of a long haul con to pull on someone, but that was just my conspiracy theory kicking in inside my head. Continue reading A Bird on the Mind