Padded to Prevent Possible Pain

One of the best inventions for people who like to use hunting rifles has to be recoil pads. The pads slide onto the stock of the rifle and make it possible to fire without feeling the full impact of the recoil against your body. It really adds to the comfort of the gun and cuts down on potential injuries that could arise. In all the years that I’ve been hunting, I’ve felt so much discomfort while having the stock pressed against my body. I crawl on the ground and aim in such an uncomfortable position on sometimes uneven terrain. The recoil doesn’t help at all and makes the entire situation worse.

I would just accept the pain as it came, but now I don’t have to put up with it. I can just put the pad on whenever I step out into the woods and fire away without pain. The cover comes off easily, so I can wash it if I need to, and I can still clean the stock of my rifle. One of my friends who saw the pad first thought it was the silliest looking thing he had ever seen and called me grandma, because to him it looked like I had knit my gun a pair of booties.

I told my friend to try the pad for himself and see how great it really is. He was reluctant to do so because he didn’t want to look silly, but I finally convinced him to do it. When he saw that the pad reduced the recoil he felt from the rifle, he changed his tune about the pad and had to get one as soon as possible. Now he doesn’t go hunting unless he has his pad. His is a different camouflage than mine to fit his individual taste.