Our First Few Nights Were Like a Vacation at Our New Apartment

We needed a big apartment. We have three children and two dogs. It used to be impossible to find an apartment that accommodated what we need in a place to live. That is until we found the nice apartments at Stone Oak in San Antonio. They accept pets, and they have a two-story floor plan that has four bedrooms. With needing four bedrooms, we also needed more than one bathroom. We got three bathrooms in this place, and the rent is less than what it costs to rent a house this size. Other pluses include the big fitness center and curvy swimming pool. The fire pit with the outdoor furniture around it is great for evening gatherings. We have been enjoying every amenity since the very first day we moved in.

We did not even have any furniture moved yet and we were in the pool with the kids having a blast. We had brought some things over in my pickup truck to spend the night in our new apartment while the moving crew worked to pack up our stuff and haul it over to our new place. The first few nights were like a vacation. We slept on the floor in sleeping bags the first night. Then we used our camping air mattresses the following nights until our stuff arrived in the moving van. Meanwhile, the kids went to school and my wife and I went to work. We had takeout dinners and played games before bed.

I was kind of sad to have all of our belongings set back up in our new apartment. I knew it would be back to video games and each of us doing our own thing. However, the kids asked to go swimming, and they asked us to got with them. We went and had a great time. We gathered around the fire pit and actually sang a few songs to the guitar playing of our oldest son. We like our new place, and I think it has brought us closer together as a family. Now the kids all have nice rooms, and we have an incredible master bedroom. Our apartment is huge, and the dogs enjoy the dog park. It was a good choice to move here.