Our Family is Worth the Protection

My parents moved here to Tucson when they both retired and sold their small company. I am their only daughter, and my family and I live here because of my husband’s job. We have four children, and my parents just wanted to be closer to their only grandchildren too. We found them a nice bungalow cottage not far from us, and my mom fell in love with it when I showed her the pictures online. She and Dad flew down here to look at it, and they started the paperwork on that trip.

My husband and our oldest son flew back with them to help them pack up and drive back down here, and I got busy with a few things of my own. There were two things in particular I wanted to do before they got here. My gift to them was having a variety of their favorite flowers planted, and my husband’s gift was to have a security system installed. My gift was to brighten up their home, and his was to protect it. We had discussed it already, so I knew that we were going to get them ADT. We have the same system at our house, and we have been completely happy with it.

While we did want it installed to protect them from intruders, we knew that the other features were just as valuable. Sometimes the threat does not always come from the other side of a locked door. If there is a fire, any kind of smoke, carbon monoxide, or even flooding, there will be help sent quickly to them. I hope that they never need to take advantage of that kind of help, but I am also very thankful that it is available to protect them just like ours protects our family. Some things are just too valuable to take any chances on!