Nothing Can Stop a Goal Oriented Mind

My daughter is the kind of person who really takes the future seriously. She has her heart set on becoming a doctor one day, and has been working hard in school to make sure that she reaches her goal. There was a bit of a snag in her plans when she started taking physics and her grades weren’t up to par. When she brought home her first bad grade, she cried because she had never gotten anything like that before. She asked me to hire a tutor for JC physics tuition, because she didn’t want to fail her class.

I did exactly what my daughter asked by contacting a tutor. I was willing to hire the best tutor that money could buy for my daughter. Seeing her so upset about that grade really made me feel down, especially since I knew that I couldn’t help her myself. Physics wasn’t exactly my strong suit in school, and I know even less about physics than I did before. I felt I would be letting my daughter down if I didn’t do everything in my power to make sure she would be able to achieve her goals.

As my daughter worked with the tutor each day, she understood more in physics. She had less trouble with her homework and could pass tests and quizzes without any problem. I think years from now when she’s finally become a doctor, she’ll look back on the moment that she got the bad grade and realize how far she has come. She’s got a long way to go, but I’m glad she’s back on the right track again. I hope when my infant son gets old enough to take physics, he won’t have problems, but if he does, I won’t hesitate to hire a tutor to give him help.