My Friend Found Her Dream Apartment

My best friend was so excited when she sent me an email a few months ago. I hadn’t replied to it, so she called and told me to check it with her on the phone. The only thing the body said was to click here, so I did. That brought up a floor plan of a one bedroom apartment, and I could see why she was so excited. She had been looking for a one bedroom unit in DC for a while now, but she was not having much luck in getting exactly what she wanted.

She had the money to get pretty much anything she wanted, but she was not going to settle for something less than what she wanted. As soon as I saw the floor plan, I knew that she had found her dream apartment. The size of it alone makes it worth it. The 890 square foot apartment is massive, which is what she wanted. As soon as you walk in the front door, the huge living room is right there. It is so big that I knew she would not have a problem fitting all her furniture in there. Next to it is a dining room, which is also quite large.

The part that she liked best though is the bedroom. It takes up nearly a quarter of the apartment, making it the largest bedroom she has ever had. That is not including the large walk in closet that is even bigger than mine, which is pretty big too. The bathroom can be accessed from either her room or from the dining room, so she has complete privacy in her bedroom if she would have guests over. The kitchen is the final room, and it is large as well. The washer and dryer is also in the kitchen but it is hidden in a closet, which is nice too!