My Boyfriend and I Love Charleston!

My boyfriend and I had to look for apartments in North Charleston after I got pregnant and we needed to find a bigger place to stay. We had been living with his mother and his stepfather in a cramped trailer and obviously a new baby wasn’t going to make a positive impression in that environment. His stepfather wasn’t exactly happy that we were having a baby seeing as how we are so young so that made it imperative that we get out of the trailer and into our own place. We looked online for a one bedroom apartment.

Fortunately it didn’t take long to come up with a list of options. Driving around and looking at apartments took a lot more time as we had to make appointments and then spend a lot of time asking questions and looking at various floor plans. The place we decided upon, however, is lovely and is located close to many shopping places and restaurants. That’s important because we’ve only got one car and we can’t really afford to be driving all around town to do mundane errands. Also the apartment complex is quiet which is prefect for this pregnant lady. No one wants loud parties going on when they’re expecting a child.

The office staff seemed marvelous and were very forthcoming with information about the complex, the rules, and the other residents. They are making sure our apartment is clean, even going so far as to have the carpets cleaned, and we can’t wait to move in. What surprised me the most is how quickly we can move in. Other places made it sound like it could take a month, but here we can move in as soon as we want. We’re both excited to get out of the trailer and into our own place with our own rules!