Leah’s New Place to Stay

I am so excited for my friend Leah. She is one of my oldest friends. Recently, she received a modeling contract to work in Singapore. It is bittersweet because she is leaving, but I know she is moving on to bigger things in life. Leah is preparing to move to another country. I will miss her, but I know it is for the best. She has decided to live in a nice place. She found a Singapore new futura condo to use as her residence. Leah is both nervous and excited at the same time. I hope everything works out for her.

Leah and I have a very interesting history together. We first met in elementary school. I was the new kid in school. I felt so nervous and alone. Leah accepted me with open arms. She was so warm and friendly. Leah made me feel so welcomed at the school. We played together every day at recess. We sat next to each other in class. We always would compete to see who had the best grades.

Even in adulthood, we remained friends. During college, Leah decided to try he hand in modeling. She was so unsure of herself. As her friend, I encouraged her to try some auditions. After a while, she stared to get modeling jobs. I was so glad to be there for Leah in her time of need. That is what friends do for each other.

Leah is so excited to move into her new condo. She leaves next Monday. She got a condo in the city to be closer to her job. She also likes the local area because it is beautiful. Leah loves to see and visit beautiful cities all around the world. I wish my friend Leah the best of work with her future endeavours.