Just a Bit of Luck

I was coming back from a post college trip with my friends one day a few months ago. We were having one great fun experience before we had to start working in the real world. One of the tires on my car blew out and I had to take it to the closest tire shop to get a replacement. On the way to the shop, we passed by The District apartments. I don’t know if this was luck or fate, but it was just what we needed. My friends and I had been looking for a place to live together since graduating, and the apartments looked like the perfect spot to check out.

After getting a new tire at the shop, we drove over to the apartment building and asked someone at the main office if they could show us around. We took a brief tour of the place, because we wanted to return to our homes and unpack from the trip. It was like love at first sight with this building. My friends and I wanted to sign a lease on the spot, but we agreed to come back the next day after we were all settled in again and had gotten some rest. Thinking about it later that night, I could barely get any sleep because I was so excited to see the apartments again.

The next day, my friends and I went back to the apartments and signed the lease. We went back home again and started packing our things so we could move in as soon as possible. One of my friends had already packed some things so he was ready to start moving in that day. He took his apartment key and brought his items inside, while we helped him. He didn’t have a bed, but didn’t mind sleeping on the floor.