It’s Time for Me to Move

I never really liked the place too much, but when I moved in here I could afford the place and it was not too far from the place that I was working. Of course back then I would ride my bike to the restaurant where I was cooking. That place is closed down and I have been through three jobs since then, this one is a long way across the city. At any rate these apartments are the ones that I am looking at right now. It is very short drive from my current job and when I went there to check them out I got a good look at the girls hanging out at the pool. Of course that is a big deal for me. I work from supper until late in the evening, so I like to hang out by the pool for a couple of hours in the afternoon.

It is pretty obvious that you want a lot of girls at a pool if you are a guy, or at least a guy that likes girls. It is not as though guys would ever go to the pool if there were not girls in swim suits there. At least I would not enjoy it so much, although I do like to get wet when it is nice and hot like it usually is around this part of the world. At any rate I like this place for a couple of reasons, the location is a lot better for one thing and for another it has a nice gym. You are not going to have much room for that sort of gear in an apartment and obviously it is really hard to work out in the sort of heat that you get here. It is a lot easier to get a heat stroke.