It’s All in a Name

I knew that there were quite a few friends of mine living in the area that were naming their kids different types of names. It’s so interesting when there are a lot of people who name their kids after fruits. I even have heard of someone naming their kid something interesting like Treasure at Tampines condo or something similar to that. I never understood the names that were spelled differently but it is so interesting to hear how those names have helped mold all of these people years later. I knew that I wanted to be the one that was going to name my kid something cool, I had a few names picked out with my husband and I was sure that I was going to use one of those names that was going to make my kid think that they were special because of how the name I chose affected them and how they perceived themselves.

People have a tendency to plan on things and then they actually will not follow through on their said plans. I actually fall into this myself all of the time. I will plan on doing one thing and have it planned in my head and then I will go and find out that it is not anything like what I thought it was going to be. My friends and family told me I was going to change the name of the baby once she came into the world and everything that I planned was going to go out the window. I was really going to try to prove everyone wrong but the problem was that I may want to change my mind. The day came, I went into labor for three days and then my daughter was born. I was wrong, I changed her name.