It Never Hurts to Bring a Friend

I had a shocking experience during a cave exploring trip. I was heading down a cave with a friend and slopped and landed on some small rocks. I was in so much pain after the fall that I couldn’t continue exploring the cave and my friend had to help me back out. It’s a good thing that my friend was with me, because if I was alone, I would have surely died there. I received treatment from a chiropractor in Mesa AZ that same day.

After the incident, I couldn’t help but think about what I would have done if my friend wasn’t there. I had a cell phone with me, but there was no reception in the cave, so it wouldn’t have mattered if I made a phone call or not. I could have shouted at the top of my lungs until someone heard me and came to my rescue, but there was no guarantee that anyone would be coming near the came, at least not within a timely enough manner to rescue me before I died of dehydration. I could have tried to work my way through the pain to get back outside of the cave, but that would have been unlikely, given how much pain I was in from the injury.

As a sign of thanks to my friend who got me out of the cave, I took him to dinner at an upscale restaurant. I told him to order whatever he wanted from the menu and I would pay for it, no questions asked. My friend isn’t the kind of person who likes to order a lot of food or order the most expensive items on the menu, so he held back on his menu selections. I should probably get something for the chiropractor who treated by back injury.