I’m Blessed to Be Alive After This Car Wreck

I have never been the vain type, which was a very good thing since my face looks pretty bad right now. I was involved in a multi vehicle car accident several months ago, and I was one of the unlucky ones who suffered massive injuries. I had internal bleeding, broken bones, and a concussion. I also had a very disfigured face, but I actually considered myself very lucky to even be alive. When the insurance company tried to pin part of the blame on me, I hired a car accident attorney in Sacramento.

I didn’t even consider anything else, because I knew that I was 100 percent a victim. The sad thing is, I think everyone else knew it too. They were just putting profit above people, since I was not the only one affected by it. I was not going to concern myself with it, because I had enough on my plate to deal with. I had already had two surgeries, and the plastic surgeon I saw the other day told me that I would have quite a few more. The reconstructive surgery would not all be done at one time, as parts had to heal before more work could be done.

I asked my girlfriend to find a good attorney, because I knew I would not be able to focus enough on the details to read about all the ones in this area. Part of the problem with what I went through was the chronic headaches that I was experiencing too, plus there were emotional issues that were very hard for me to deal with too. There was just too much for me to worry about this, so we hired the attorney that she found to make sure I would not have to worry about anything while I got through this.