I Wanted a New Kendama

When my sister brought her three children to my house for a few weeks, I was surprised by what they brought with them. I was expecting video games, but they actually brought books and the best Kendama I have ever seen. I had not actually seen one in person in years, but I remembered the one that I had played with when I was just a small boy a little younger than they are. My sister must have remembered how much fun we had with them as she made sure each one of her kids had one.

I asked them to show me how good they are at it, and once again, they surprised me. I had been pretty good when I was a kid, but I really did not do any tricks with my Kendama like they do with theirs. I have to say, it is really addictive, even just watching. I had to try it myself, and I ended up laughing even harder than the kids did when I lacked the coordination that was needed to get the ball on the spike. It did not take long before I was doing it better though!

They showed me the website where each one of them picked the one they wanted, and I decided then and there that I was going to order my own. Even though the kids were only with me for a couple of weeks, I knew that I wanted to continue using the Kendama. I had been watching videos of masters using it, and it was just so intriguing. It is hard to believe that this toy has been around since the 1800s, and it is still as popular with kids today as it has been for many generations before them. I can’t wait to surprise them with some of the new tricks I learned!