I Started Looking for a Place in Jackson

I was really happy when I got hired for this new job, obviously when you go to college the idea is that you are going to be qualified for a good paying career. At any rate I have been out of school for a good long time and the benefits of that diploma were pretty slow in showing up for me. I was working as a waiter, which was not as bad as it sounds. This is an expensive restaurant so the tips are good. At any rate now I am looking at an apartment guide for jackson ms, since I need an apartment that is closer to my new office, since right now I am not in a good place at all. It would be a good location if the job were in the city, but this place is in a research park way out on the Northern edge of the city. I like the area a lot, but there are a lot of really expensive homes in that area and you need lots of money before you can get a place like that.

At any rate I hope to find a good roommate, which can be a tough thing. You learn that in college usually and you can really come to appreciate the difference between one that does what they are supposed to do and one that does not do their part of the deal. You definitely want them to come through with their share of the rent and so forth, but you learn that you want them to behave in a civilized manner towards me. When I was in college I had one roommate who actually seemed to be trying to be as big a jerk as he could be, which was not as bad as not paying his share of the rent. That did not last too long.