I Needed More Time to Do More Things Outside of Work

I’ve made resolutions every year for a long time, and I end up falling behind most of them or ignoring them completely. This year, I told myself that needed to change. I am disorganized at home and with my business, and the continued stress of both was really affecting my happiness. One of the resolutions that I made was to get office cleaning services in Toronto for my office. I had been trying to handle it on my own for far too long in order to save money, and it was eating up a lot of time that I needed to spend on other things. It was fascinating to see just how it freed up my time after I hired someone to help me keep the place clean.

My daughter started crying one evening when I pointed out that I would not have time to go one of her school events. These weren’t crocodile careers. They were tears of pain. She had been looking forward to me coming to see her get an award, but I was behind at work and on the verge of losing an important client. I knew that if I didn’t work that night on the contracts that my client wanted, I would lose their business by the next morning. I had to go ahead and do that because I can’t afford to take care of my daughter without money, but that is when I resolved to make real changes this year.

Each night after work, I had been trying to do a little cleaning around the office. On Monday nights, I would try to tackle the vacuuming and dusting in the front offices. On Tuesday nights, I would do the same in all the back offices. Each of those nights, I would also try to make sure that I emptied all of the wastebaskets. The rest of the week, I would try to tidy up all sections. It was just too much. A cleaning service gave me more time at night with my child.