I Have Been Doing Stuff for My Boss

I spent this whole week working for the wife of my boss and her daughter. The two of them are really working hard on a wedding and the boss is not really interested in getting caught up in the business of planning it. So he gave me a credit card and a flunky, in this case a flunky with a truck so that we could move the daughter and the new son in law into a new futura condo in a brand new building. I have been busy trying to figure out how to keep the budget from blasting off and still do most of what the two of them want me to do. Of course they want the whole storybook wedding and in theory the boss could pay for that, but he is not about to go into debt for it. He wants to have me fight the war for him, because obviously he has to go home and live with the wife and the daughter after this is all done and said.

It is a big deal I suppose, but of course I am walking on eggs because these woman are seriously stressed out. I think that the boss was smart to put me in his shoes, because I feel as though the two of them could slice me up like deli meat if I made one wrong move. So I have to try to balance things out. They know what my orders are and they seem not to think that they have to worry very much about that, but the credit card stays in my pocket and when it comes down to things they are not going to be very happy at that point. I just have to work on the project like it was any other job, even though it is not.