I Got a Bad Back from Fishing

I was out on my boat when the accident happened, in the channel between Vancouver and Vancouver Island. We were having a great day fishing and I caught this really large shark. I did not want to keep it obviously, but I got it back to the boat and let it go. I knew that the day was about over, since I was not wearing a harness and my back was sore. The next day I woke up with a really stiff back and realized that I was going to need a Vancouver chiropractor to get it fixed. My friend said that I needed to see a doctor, but there are really not too many things they can do for you. If you go to see them they will probably give you a prescription for a bottle of pain pills. Obviously that is not going to solve a single thing and it is likely to give you a really big problem. I am pretty much afraid of those things, given that I have seen plenty of people who wound up getting addicted to them after a doctor got them started.

The doctors could in theory go in and operate on your back, but that is rarely going to be a good idea. The consequences are too serious in comparison with the potential gains. You simply do not have a very good guarantee of success on top of the fact that you could have some really dire side effects, like dying for example. The truth is that there is a very small chance that you could go to a chiropractor and end up dead, although it is even less likely if you do not have an issue with your neck. That is obviously a very vulnerable part of your body that you want to be careful with.