I Found a New Place Across Town

I needed to get some place that was a lot closer to my new job. I am working in the Bank of America building for a major financial company and as you now that is a really difficult place to get to and to get out of. I am hoping that I can find someone to take over the lease of this place, if not I think I may have to hire a person or company to do moving out cleaning in Singapore. I know for a fact that my landlord is going to do everything that he can to keep the money and not give it back. He has proven this over and over. In fact I have seen plenty of places which were really clean, friends of mine from across the hall. It may not even be worth the effort to try to get it back. However I feel like if I get a professional to clean the place and he does not give it back, then I may sue him just for sport.

Of course you might guess that I do not like this guy and that would be very true. He goes out of his way to be a jerk and is always looking for an excuse to raise the rent. The guy has a real drinking problem and I have come pretty close to giving him a black out this one time. I have a bad temper when people get in my face and this time the guy had me confused with someone who owed him money. At any rate I would pretty much love to get back at him for some of the things that he has done. It is a silly thing, but that is not something that bothers me even a little bit.