I Couldn’t Afford to Lose My Job Because of Pain

I visited a Campbell chiropractor in the past to help me put a stop to the back pain that plagued me until I started going to see him regularly. It never occurred to me that he could also put a stop to headaches as well. I suffered through those for quite some time, and they were really affecting my work. I worked hard to get to where I am with my company, and it really angered me that my job was on the line because of headaches of all things. What is the use of going to college to get a degree and working hard if pain is going to come along and undo all that you have done?

My mom made sure to spend extra time repeating over and over how important it was for me to go to college. She was not married and brought me up by herself. She struggled to make sure that I had what I needed in life because she was struggling financially herself. She didn’t want that for me. She wanted me to have an easier life, so she stressed school importance often. Even if she had not done that, I could see how hard she had to work just to make sure that we both were safe and secure every day while I was growing up. I got the best grades that I could during high school so that I could get into a really good university easily. I was able to get into one of the nation’s top schools.

A good part of the money that I bring in every month depends on commission. I saw my commission rates fall because of the headaches that creeped into my life whenever they wanted to. Because I was having some back pain again, I decided to go see my favorite chiropractor again. I mentioned my other troubles, and that’s when I found out that he could get to the root of the problem of both things for me.