I Can’t Fulfill My Dad’s Wishes on My Own Yet, So I Found a Company That Can

My dad has owned an apartment building for 7 years. He’s getting older, so he asked if I would work for him and help him out. I ended up talking him into hiring someone who offers professional cleaning services for Singapore property owners because I felt that it was the right thing to do, and I was correct about that. Unfortunately, I can’t help out as much as he would like me to just yet. He also can’t handle everything on his own. He isn’t interested in getting rid of the property, so the best solution was to talk to get a reputable company to send out one of their employees to help him out instead.

My father first bought his apartment building when he still had a lot of energy left at the age of 55 years old. He had been a traveling salesman up to that point, and he didn’t want to travel anymore. He wanted to own a building that he could live in full-time and take care of things for his different tenants as needed onsite. However, he has had some health issues in the last few years, and it slowed him down a bit. When different tenants complained that things weren’t getting done fast enough, he decided to ask for my help.

I live in a different city, so for now, I’m not able to be there with my dad to help as much as I would like. I’m working on changing that, though. Soon, I will sell the house that I live in, pack everything up and move to be with dad. He has talked to me about working full time with him, and one day, he will pass the building down to me. Since that will take awhile, the best solution is to pay someone to help dad with all the move out cleaning that needs to be done when a tenant moves out so that an apartment will be ready for a new tenant to move into.