I Am Getting Ready for Senior Season

The coach called me into the office at the end of last season and told me that he was planning on building the offense around me, although to be honest there does not seem to be that big of a choice for him. Our quarterback last year was not great, but he had a good arm and he could throw the ball down the field. There are a number of guys in the running to replace him, but none of them are very exciting. At any rate I have been looking to hire the best personal trainer in Denver and get in as good a shape as is possible before the season starts. Last year I was one of three good running backs. We were running a variation of the triple option offense at times, some of the time we would split the quarterback out wide and any one of us might receive the ball from the center. Now I am the only one left and that means that I am going to be getting the ball a lot and I am going to be getting hit a lot.

That is something that I have not told my Mom, me and Dad decided that it was not something that she needed to know just yet. She does not like that part of it at all and if she thought that she could she would make me play basketball or baseball instead. Of course all of us know that I have a good chance of getting a college scholarship as a running back or just as a good athlete. That is what some of the college recruiters say when they talk to me. Some of them like me as a running back, but all of them love my physical attributes and think I could do lots of other stuff.