Helped Us Get Our Grow Operation Going

If you’ve got the money and the knowledge to grow marijuana, looking for a property for cannabis business in California is the way to go. The state recently legalized recreational marijuana and getting in at the beginning is a must for growers with the financial means to get up and running quickly. All the people who have been growing out here for decades are going legit. It’s amazing to see it. I know people who have been growing out in Humboldt County since the early 1970s who are know applying for licenses and getting set to make millions.

The potential is absolutely incredible. You’re going to see companies making nine figures growing weed and selling it legally. What’s happening here is what it must have felt like when Prohibition ended. That’s why myself and a few deep pocket investors are seeking a warehouse to set up our first grow operation. Once we get that one set up, we’re going to do more of them. I know all about growing and they’ve got the money and together we’re going to get rich. But first we’ve got to acquire that property.

Now setting up a grow operation isn’t as easy as going to the local real estate agent and seeing what they’ve got. There’s still some hesitation attached to this process. Fortunately we found a company that is getting in early and targeting growers like myself. They’ve got all the angles covered and the permits and the paperwork. They know everything you need to get up and running. We’re working with them now and they have all the answers to our questions. All I can say is California better hope the rest of the country doesn’t wake up to this marvelous source of tax revenue because if they do all of the growers will move to a lower tax state!