Getting Myself Back to Work

I work in a boarding kennel. The job is very fast paced. It can also be strenous. This is why I needed the best San Jose Chiropractor.

I was at work one day and everyone else had left. We had a large Mastiff boarding with us. She was a very playful pup. I guess she was a little too playful and forgot her size. She jumped on me to get loves and knocked me backwards. I felt a jolt of pain as soon as I hit the ground but shrugged it off.

The next day, I could hardly move because the pain was so bad. I ended up calling out of work and rushing to the emergency room. After a few xrays and other tests, it was determined that I had a slipped disc in my back. The doctor suggested hot and cold compresses to alleviate the pain.

I tried that for a few days but the pain would not calm down. I had to return to work soon. My bank account was dwindling. I decided a chiropractor may be my best option to find some relief.

I browsed reviews to find a reputable doctor in the area. I called a few places and found one who could see me the same day. I was in and out of there very quickly. He was able to help me get my back straightened out and I was back to work within a few days.

I am now back to working as I used to but am much more cautious with the larger dogs. While they are sweet, they forget their strength. With me being a smaller person, it is easy for them to knock me down so they are left for the larger people to walk. I don’t want another mishap however, I know where to go if it does.