Experience the Joys of Florida Living

When I saw the words click here, I didn’t imagine at the time that I was about to change my life for the better. I’d moved to Florida for a job, lost that job, got another one and then started making a lot more money. I lived with my brother and his wife when I first got here and that worked well until they had a baby. Then the pressure was on for me to get out and find my own place. I moved into a real dive and spent some time there until the new job and the new found riches.

I’m young enough that I wasn’t interested in getting a house. What I wanted was an apartment in a very nice complex. I wanted lots of amenities because I don’t like going into the city to have a good time. When I followed that link while doing research on various apartment complexes in the area, I knew immediately this was a place I needed to investigate further. The pictures on the website looked too good to be true, but then again this is Florida. We’ve got a lot of beautiful scenery down here. I made an appointment to check it out.

Sure enough, it’s a great place. The pictures didn’t lie. They’ve got pools, a gorgeous skyline view where you can see the city, and lots of things to do outside. I’m planning on spending a lot of time in that pool, having barbecues outside with friends, and taking my dog for walks in the dog park, and just generally sitting back and relaxing. This is the type of apartment where you’re going to spend more time outside than inside and I wouldn’t have it any other way. There’s no better way to relax after a busy day at work.