Did You Know Your Central Air System Has a Power Switch Outside?

It can get pretty warm here in Sacramento, so I was really glad that the house I had bought a few years ago has central air conditioning. My husband and I are both the kind of people who want the air on when others are still a few weeks out from using theirs. That is why I knew we needed Sacramento HVAC services when the air simply would not turn on the first time we went to use it at the end of spring last year. While the weather was not so hot that we were going to suffer, I knew it would be soon enough.

My husband is pretty handy and could have looked at it, but he was putting in nearly 60 hours six days a week at his work as well as more hours volunteering on his day off. He was busy enough, so I just went online to find a company that could come out and help us. The good thing about us turning on our air earlier than most is that the HVAC companies were not getting swamped with calls from people who had air conditioners that were not properly cooling their homes.

A repair person was at our house in about an hour after I called. The problem was not a broken part or leaky refrigerant. It was the power switch outside. Someone had shut it off. It is a red handle on a gray box attached to the wall next to the AC unit outside. It was not locked, and someone shut it off. I suspected our neighbor’s young son who gets into things. He is not bad, but he is inquisitive. He does things like this just learning. He should not have touched it, but it was probably him. While the guy was there I went ahead and had him inspect the system for any problems. It was a good thing he came out. He saw that our coils outside were covered in grime, and that makes your AC run harder and cost more. He cleaned them and it cools even better now.