Changing Careers and the Area Where We Lived Worked out Great

I had applied for some local jobs and was appalled at the attitude of many of the employers in our region. I applied for a management job at one place, and I was interviewed in a dirty space. The waiting area furniture was in such bad shape a thrift store would probably not even take it as a donation. I persisted as I needed a job, but I stopped mid-interview, shook the guy’s hand and walked out. I had enough. That was months ago, and now my wife and I are living in Charlotte at the District South apartments. Moving south to a better climate and different job opportunities was the best choice we could have made.

The industry I kept getting jobs in up north was stressed. People came and went, and you were a number not a valued member of the team. Now I am appreciated for my contributions to the company, and I feel I have a real stake in what we are doing. The apartment is also very nice to come home to. The nine-foot ceilings and granite speak to the fact that this is a quality apartment. The whole complex is new. We have stainless steel appliances, a separate walk-in shower and designer lighting. The place is really top notch.

I like it that we have more months out of the year to enjoy outdoor activities when it is warm too. I’m the type of person that likes summer and fall. Spring and winter are not on my to-do list. I like a more temperate place that has a cool but not frigid season. Since moving down here we have gotten into boating and a lot more stuff associated with the water. The place we live at is beautiful, and we both feel valued and appreciated at our jobs.