A Special Item for the Customers

To commemorate the launch of my game company, I decided to make a special item to give away to customers. I made a digital game, but I also had a limited number of physical copies of the game, along with a statue of the game’s mascot for a few lucky people. I contacted a company to do packaging design in Toronto for the product. They used an action shot from the game on the box of the packaging. In order to decide who gets the limited edition item, I had a drawing that anyone could enter using their email address.

I left the entry period for the drawing open for two weeks. After that period passes, I closed entry and then used a random number generator to select the winners. There were over 30,000 entrants, but only 30 of them were allowed to have the prize. I hoped that the winners would treasure their prize forever and wouldn’t try to sell it on the Internet for profit, but given how everyone is trying to make a quick buck these days, I expect to see a few listed on auction sites for a large profit.

There were a lot of requests from people who entered the contest to have more physical copies of the game made, along with the statue. I may do another contest in the future, since a lot of people have shown interest in it. If there is enough of an uproar, I may even make the physical copy and statue a regular product. Getting the product into retail stores would be rather difficult, because they only give so much shelf space to companies. I would have a better chance of selling the items from my own website, where I could produce only as many as I need to send out.